It’s Time to Wonder


I love traveling.  And whenever I travel by air, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of me reaching another country, another continent, just by sitting.  And I’m actually more fascinated by how pilots get to find the airport from way above, through those puffy clouds.  Of course I know they’ve been trained for that and I’m sure they must recognize signs and symbols, this and that.

It’s just that from the top- north, south, east and west could just be…anywhere.  And yet the wind takes you knowing that there is such a thing called direction… or the lack of it.  Then before you know it, you are just where you’re supposed to be.  Amazing.

I think the best things in life are products of interesting and provocative questions.  Like how they asked before ‘how on earth can I reach another country just by sitting?’  Every question that my students ask inspires me to be a better teacher.  The fact that they wonder, the possibility of their questions to become a discovery, for those questions to be the solution, for the questions to just make them realize who they are and who they’re meant to be.

And just maybe, if I become a better teacher for them, they’d find out the answers for themselves.  And actually LEARN.

Here’s a Lesson.

From Paul Arden’s book “Whatever you Think, Think the Opposite”

It is better to live in ignorance than with knowledge.  Solving the problem is the exciting part, not knowing the answer.  Once a conjuring trick is explained, it loses its magic.  The excitement of a game of football is in not knowing who is going to be the winner.  Some people have success and rest on their laurels.  The lucky ones get to continue to live in ignorance.

Now, maybe you will agree or wont with what Paul Arden wrote.  But I agree to it in a way that ignorance is translated into the feeling of wondering.  To ask.  Then to be brave enough to look outside and find out.  To have the resilience for changes, knowing that things can be what you never expected them to be.  And then to ask again.

It’s time to wonder.  And it’s time that we allow our students to do so.  Cheers to inquiry.


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