If Teachers Design Their Own School Day 1


It was very interesting to watch this video called “If Students Design Their Own Schools” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RElUmGI5gLc&sns=tw).  Watching it inspired me and made me wonder more.  Wonder about me as a learner.  About us as teachers. About my current school. If teachers, who support inquiry as a way of teaching and learning, will design their own schools, how would it be?  What will it look like?  What will it sound like?  How does it feel to be there?  We do spend a lot of time wondering what our students need, but how about us?  What do we really want in our schools?  Are we achieving them?

Quite frankly, I have a lot of things to say about my questions, but I also want other perspectives.

This prompted me to read and read and find out.  And starting tomorrow, I will talk to my coordinator and collaborate on this simple study:  If my co-teachers will design our school, what and how will it be?  I am very excited to hear their perspectives,  especially that my current school is in its journey toward the PYP authorization. Hopefully, this very simple research of mine can help us have the culture that will support each other’s needs and aspirations.  I am seeing the possibility that this can be a ranting session for them.  But just the same, they ought to be heard.

I think as a school community, it is important to look forward to the same direction, to be heard, to be valued and to be sincerely cared for, both on professional and personal levels.  So how should that look like in our school?

More insights on teachers designing their own schools:  Support teachers to develop their own school curriculum  (http://www.thersa.org/large-text/about-us/media/press-releases/support-teachers-to-develop-their-own-school-curriculum)

“87 percent of teachers agree that schools should be free to design substantial parts of their own school curriculum to meet the needs and interests of their children, according to a poll commissioned by the RSA and English Heritage.”

“The Department for Education should do more to ensure schools are making the most of their freedoms to design school curriculum, the report says. The national curriculum should be slimmed down, allowing schools to develop their own in partnership with local communities; local businesses, heritage and cultural organisations, voluntary groups, faith communities and parents.”

“Most debates about the curriculum start from the wrong place. Instead of asking ‘what should the curriculum include’, our starting question should always be ‘who should determine what the curriculum includes’? Such a question enables curriculum development to play a significant role in building and reshaping civil society.”

“Local knowledge needs local power. If this government t is serious about freeing all schools from central control, they will need to make sure that every school has the freedom, training and incentives to design their own curricula. This will need changes to accountability so that Ofsted inspect a school’s whole curriculum rather than the just the national curriculum; and so that schools have outward accountability to their communities rather than just upward accountability to Ofsted and government.”

“We should separate the school curriculum from the national curriculum. And we should work with our communities to build the school curriculum. It is, of course, not a replacement for the entitlement to useful knowledge captured by a national curriculum, but a vital complement to it. NAHT therefore welcome this timely, constructive and encouraging report.”



  1. I’d love to trash individual courses in favor of “modules.” For example, put the history, literature, economics, science, math together into one big “this applies everywhere.” That is my dream.


    1. I totally agree! The “school curriculum vs. national curriculum” has been a long battle. Makes teaching and learning more complicated. I hope people, parents, universities and major organizations can be more open minded about the fact that the world is changing, hence, so should our curriculum and education system! Paradigm shift is ESSENTIAL.


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