How did God come about?


In our Wonderopolis Project Session last Friday, Thea’s question was “How did God come about?”  It’s a very interesting question and I was interested to know the answer, me coming from a different culture.  I said to myself that I will not intervene.  I just really wanted them to throw questions and thoughts.  I’m after igniting their curiosity. The best thing about this question was the confusion it caused, I love it.  In our heads.  Sooner of later, in our souls.

To cut the 10-minute-sharing short…

Thea:  Okay, I just want everyone to know that I may be wrong about my research and it’s still open for questions and answers.  (Reading her Powerpoint presentation)…Nobody knows how God was introduced in the world.  The best part is that God is a normal person, just like us, but he is capable enough to earn the position of God from human so he is named as God.  The new fact is that when he was a human, his thoughts and advice made him God.

In my head:  Oh okay, interesting. Sounds like a Buddhism.

Thea:  For example… Jesus Christ…

In my head:  Oh interesting, now we’re going for the Catholic perspective.  But the pictures in her presentation show Ganesh.

Thea:  In summary, at one point, you have to make yourself capable enough to earn the position of God…and all of this would only happen if you make a change in your life.

In my head:  Amen.

(A couple of hands raised)

Keya:  I have a question.  If God was really a human, how come he’s blue?  (Referring to Krishna)

In my head:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Looks like we’ve got the different religions mixed up! I pray every day, I read the Bible and I go to mass every Sunday.  But really, who am I to tell the answer?  In a country with more than 10,000 religions, who can really tell how God came about?  This is the beauty of being in a place with diverse culture, perspectives and experiences.  They make some questions best left…unanswered.

We all agreed to research more on the topic by talking to our parents, friends, and by reading more about it.  And maybe grow up a little bit.

Then perhaps one day, we will know.


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