About Me


This blog is a collection of thoughts, experiences, reflections, and resources of a teacher who advocates student-centered and research-based educational approaches, and innovation in education.

I have been with IB schools since 2009 and I continue to explore inquiry-based teaching and the international teacher life.  I taught in IB schools in Manila, Mumbai, Astana and I am currently a 5th grade homeroom teacher and team leader in an IB school in Ho Chi Minh City.  I had a short stint of PYP coordinator (2 years) and  EAL teaching (4 years) experience when I was living in Astana, Kazakhstan.  After 10 years of teaching and learning, I realized that my real passion is to be with students and to help grow schools.

I recently finished my master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management, with Bath University, and I continue to learn about leadership through my daily encounters with my students, colleagues, coordinator and principal, and through spearheading projects.

I enjoy engaging in collaborative and creative projects, traveling, playing music, reading and cooking.

Global Projects

I Curate

Email:  katrina.viloria@gmail.com| Skype:  katrina.viloria@outlook.com

Twitter:  @kviloria |  Youtube Channel:  Katrina Viloria

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrina-viloria-136554b/



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